The world all of us can see, all of us can value.

And the world that’s there, we can not see,

is the world Celine portrays.

Theme’s like animation, passion and interconnection as well as her imposing and

intriguing spaces are displayed on canvas.

The eyes of the energy one senses.


Coming from a richly emotional life, paintings emerge as statements. Monumental and Powerful with a subdued palette. Celine is all about the essence of things without shying away from a necessary confrontation.

Using acrylic paint on linen, sometimes combined with other materials like pure pigments, cardboard, ink, sand, chalk etc . she creates paintings that exude mystical sensation. A new collection is currently in the making. Some pieces in red copper are already on display.

Celine often takes on commissions. Think portraits but also paintings dedicated to a special place or occasion. It can either be for private clients or for a business that asks her to translate their business values into works of art.
Her artwork can be seen in private as well as corporate collections.


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Galery Mestdach (Zeedijk 736, Knokke het Zoute (B))

You are always welcome to come and visit the gallery.


3D showcase with special thanks to Joris Olden Kalter.

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